2011 Serpentine Pavilion In Photos

Peter Zumthor Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Peter Zumthor Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Peter Zumthor Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Photos by Walter Herfst

Remember these renderings from back in April? Now, the Serpentine Pavilion has been realized and opens to the public on 1st of July in Hyde Park. This summer’s pavilion seems more somber than some previous iterations, an introspective space that comes off more like an interior… just an interior with big plants in the middle of the room. It’s being called a garden within a garden. The sun-lit pants against the shadowy backdrop of the blueish black walls is nice, and largely the architecture is background, putting this verdant and disorganized mass of a greenery in the forefront.

Architect Peter Zumthor says about his design: “The hortus conclusus that I dream of is enclosed all around and open to the sky. Every time I imagine a garden in an architectural setting, it turns into a magical place. I think of gardens that I have seen, that I believe I have seen, that I long to see, surrounded by simple walls, columns, arcades or the façades of buildings – sheltered places of great intimacy where I want to stay for a long time.” If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in London this summer, you must plan a visit.


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  1. Mark Anderson June 28, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    I love Zumthors work but as a recently graduated masters architecture student from Ireland (who needs a job !) i feel very underwhelmed by this pavilion he has never pandered to the obnoxious ways of Zaha Hadid or MVRDV thankfully but i feel a lacking of personal input into this recent undertaking as his previous work felt

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