Yuki 7 in ‘Looks That Kill’

Yuki 7 in 'Looks That Kill'

Yuki 7 in 'Looks That Kill'

Yuki 7 in 'Looks That Kill'

Illustrator Kevin Dart has teamed up with Stéphane Coëdel to animate a new adventure of Yuki 7, “a fashionista and spy girl” who kicks ass and looks good doing it. The short was made to promote the upcoming Yuki 7 book of the same name which Kevin illustrated and was written by Elizabeth Ito.

The short is super fun, playing off of all the classic spy stereotypes, like the deadly blonde on the beach and jet planes galore. And the animation itself is really well done, I feel like Stéphane was really able to capture the essence of Kevin’s and perfectly translate it into it’s moving counterpart. If you’re unfamiliar with Kevin Dart I highly suggest diving into his work and seeing all the amazing stuff he’s worked on, the guy is legit.

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