An Innovative Public Pool

+Pool a public pool in the Hudson River

+Pool a public pool in the Hudson River

+Pool a public pool in the Hudson River

This is a pretty sweet kickstarter project that has been getting some attention: +Pool. The project is a public swimming pool floating around the rivers of New York City. It’s a great idea that has worked in Copenhagen quite well and probably other places that I don’t even know about. Even though the project is “fully funded” really only the first phase of testing the water-filtering membranes is funded. Additional funding will allow for more extensive testing of the water filtration system and add momentum behind the project as it prepares to slog through grueling development and approval processes. Of course you get swag for giving your dollars to help make +Pool a reality for everyone, but at $500 bucks, the tote bag might not be for everyone.

And the axonometric illustrations are dope/rad/whateverkidsaresayingthesedays.


Alex Dent

June 22, 2011 / By