‘I Didn’t See It Coming’ (Richard X mix) by Belle & Sebastian

Lesley Barnes animation for Belle & Sebastian

Lesley Barnes animation for Belle & Sebastian

Lesley Barnes animation for Belle & Sebastian

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of my favorite albums last year was Belle & Sebastian‘s Write About Love. It’s an album that I could listen to endlessly, and I feel that it features some of the finest songs that they’ve put out in a very long time. Next month they’ll release a new 12″ four-track single that leads with a reworking of the wonderfully fun Come on Sister. To mark the occasion the band have released two new videos, one for Come on Sister and another for a remix of I Didn’t See It Coming.

I Didn’t See It Coming might well be my favorite song of last year so I was excited to hear what a remix of the track would sound like. Personally, Richard X’s take on the track adds little more than dance-pop production, and it’s nowhere near as exciting as I would have hoped it could have been, but the video certainly makes up for it with a splendid animation by Glasgow illustrator and animator Lesley Barnes. Lesley has a terrifically cute style, and I love her use of color and the general sense of fun that runs throughout the video, it’s well worth watching. For fans of the original song, you might be interested to hear that the new single will also feature a remix by New York experimentalists Cold Cave.

If you’re curious to see the video for Come on Sister, feel free to continue reading. It’s a really wonderful video and I spent a good long time trying to decided which of the two I’d post today. Both are quite wonderful.


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