Space Suit of the Week

Sandi and Sally on the Lawrence Welk Show

Sandi and Sally Lawrence Welk Show

This is so bizarre. Between 1968 and 1973 many exciting things were happening at NASA; chief among them: landing on the moon. The same time period was exciting for the musical duo Sandi and Sally as they enjoyed a streak of stardom on The Lawrence Welk Show. If you’ve never seen The Lawrence Welk Show, which ran for over 27 years on ABC, you must not have ever watched PBS during a fundraising drive. You’re also missing out on a part of the sixties: the variety show. As social unrest and blah-de-blah swept across college campuses, these two gals offered to “take us to the moon tonight” while veering electric scooters around large foam rocks.

The space suits they wear are nothing fancy or too serious. I would imagine the suits made by someone busily trying to complete sets of matching lederhosen for the upcoming musical act, which could easily be 10 brothers, all playing the accordion and singing. This is space suit pastiche, one of many motifs used to creative the variety necessary for a variety show. And the strange thing is that I cannot watch this without being reminded of rocky times that NASA would endure in the 70’s as public interest waned in ever going to the moon again. It was expensive to go there, we played golf when we did, and ┬áSandi and Sally were not there.


June 17, 2011