The Roof that Goes Up in Smoke

The roof that goes up in smoke by Overtreders W

The roof that goes up in smoke by Overtreders W

The roof that goes up in smoke by Overtreders W

Photos by Reinder Bakker, a principle of Overtreders W

The formal simplicity of this pavilion is a credit to the designers, Overtreders W. Originally completed for an art festival,, “the roof that goes up in smoke” lived over the course of some holiday that I’m too american to know about. The site lists the location as mobiel and rather embarsingly, I tried to find a town in the Netherlands called Mobiel. I asked myself: “How have I missed this town? Is it a forty person village?” Guess what? Mobiel and mobile mean the same thing as in: it can move. Anyway, the reason the formal simplicity of the pavilion is impressive is because it’s accomplishing various tasks using one trusty appliance: the wood-burning stove.

The inflated roof relies on positive air pressure provided by the rising, warm air from the stove. The pavilion uses heat generated for the roof to influence the function of the space. You can sit at the tables under a glowing pillow and roast some nuts or a potato… even hot chocolate. In America, we would likely use the fire to heat a vat of oil and make french fries; whatever brings people together. And it’s easy to see how people in the small Dutch town of Mobiel are drawn this warm and softly-lit architectural mechanism. It’s simple, but reassuring to give purpose to spaces: you know what to do when you go there. But you may still have to ask yourself “What is this holiday about again?”

The pavilion is now for available for rent. This is a great idea for all the gay New Yorkers about to get gay married


June 16, 2011