‘Between The Folds: An Origami Documentary’

Between The Folds, An Origami Documentary from PBS

Between The Folds, An Origami Documentary from PBS

Between The Folds, An Origami Documentary from PBS

Netflix Instant Watch has to be one of the best things technology has gifted us. You can find so many new movies and television shows from so many different genres, any time that you want. One of the best parts for me is the documentary selection, which is surprisingly large and full of very interesting features. There are quite a lot of PBS and National Geographic specials as well, which oftentimes go overlooked as you flock to things like Man On Wire or The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

One PBS gem I watched recently was a documentary called Between the Folds about origami artists. The documentary was absolutely fascinating, detailing this complex artform from building paper all the way to folding a sheet one hundred and fifty times. The documentary breaks down the artists by what movement they would fall into: we hear from a traditional French artist, a Post Modern artist that only uses one fold, a mathematical prodigy whose work is being put into architectural practice, and many other amazing artists.

The film spans the world and artistic medias to showcase what origami has become. You also are shown several practical applications for paper folding, as the paper art is used inspire everything from construction to algorithms to more origami techniques. I’m always fascinated and feel a great deal smarter when I learn how art, science, and math interact with each other for the good of the world. You may just think it is about silly paper folding and about a weird subculture of papercrafters, but you quickly realize that these artists are likely the most overlooked yet most influential in society. Definitely add this film to your Instant Queue.


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