Jelle Martens

Jelle Marten

Jelle Marten

Jelle Marten

Jelle Marten

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I was digging around Flickr last night and I found a ton of great artists that I’ll be sharing today, the first being a guy named Jelle Martens. Jelle is a Belgium based artists who’s doing a lot of interesting work around black and white images and photography. I thought all of these little experiments were really beautiful, I love all the grain and the high contrast to each of them. The top piece, the Joy Division one, was the most amazing one of them all though. I think he cut out some letters and floated them on strings, but it’s the way he photographed everything that really makes it look so awesome.

I’d suggest checking out his site by clicking his name above, and then checking out his Flickr as well to see mroe of his work. He’s also doing some really interesting things with colorful shapes, I just preferred the black and white work.


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  1. Carina June 19, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    Love these so much! Such an interesting approach to black and white photography. Great subjects and results.

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