The Fox Is Black Wins L.A. Weekly’s Best of the Web Award for Highbrow Arts Blog

L.A. Weekly's Best of the Web Award

Last week I was shocked and honored to find out that I had won L.A. Weekly’s Best of the Web Award for Best Highbrow Arts Blog. I had no idea I was even nominated, so it was a total surprise when I got an email from the web editor giving me the news. I’m totally honored to have won this, I mean, this is the first real award I think I’ve ever won. Being an Angeleno, you see L.A. Weekly everywhere, it’s as ubiquitous as traffic and sunglasses, built into our every day lives.

I was originally going to title this post The Encouragement of Strangers, as it felt really fitting. There’s a certain amount of ego, adulation and attention that comes along with things like a blog (as with many other things), and having complete strangers telling you that you’re doing something right is always nice to hear. I hear from you the readers all the time, and it’s always so appreciated, even if I might not say so. That’s it, just thought I’d share the good news!

Editor’s Note: UGH, okay, I’m an asshole for not mentioning my amazing writing team, who help and inspire me every day. Alex, Danica (she kicked ass), Kyle, Philip, Daniel, Alec and Margot. Hopefully we can do this again next year!


June 13, 2011