Nike+ Visualizations by SVA Students

David Bellon - Nike+ Visualizations by SVA Students

Allison Shaw - Nike+ Visualizations by SVA Students

Michael Yap - Nike+ Visualizations by SVA Students

For me, running is a simple: shoes on feet, the right clothes, and hit the pavement. No treadmill, no headphones, no maps or apps needed. I don’t even keep a solid tally on my weekly mileage, just relying on my legs and Chicago’s grid to tell me how far I’ve gone. I’m just not into the numbers. But these data visualizations of Nike+ stats from NYC runners bring fitness tracking to a whole new level. By Nicholas Felton’s SVA students, each has a fresh, holistic take on the data from over 1,000 Nike runs. And, BONUS, all are incredibly sophisticated for student work.

I pretty much always nerd out over infographics especially when Felton is involved (no duh, Einstein) but these go a step further into generative art land. Right on the intersection of science + design, the crossover is obvious and totally charming. See more here. Selected graphics from David Bellona, Allison Shaw, Michael Yap and Cooper Smith respectively.

– Margot

June 10, 2011