Chase Brings New Life to Venice

Mural by Chase

Mural by Chase

Mural by Chase

Mural by Chase

In recent years the artist Chase has been taking over Venice Beach by storm. Everything Chase does has a positive meaning behind it that almost always brings a smile to passerby’s faces. Some of his new work even has a fun Klasky-Csupo circa-Rugrats vibe to it. I mean let’s face it, the classic murals of whales canvassing the area were awesome, but they’ve since become dated, and now Chase is breathing new life onto the blue walls of the boardwalk.


1 Comment Chase Brings New Life to Venice

  1. NoLineOn June 10, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    Nothing says “Yum!” like yellow burgers and pizzas with eyeballs on a puke green background.

    Love the art but if I owned that joint I’d be on my way to HoDe to get someone to repaint my wall.

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