Video for ‘Wonder Why’ by Vetiver

Video for 'Wonder Why' by Vetiver

Video for 'Wonder Why' by Vetiver

It’s been two years since Vetiver’s last album Tight Knit, so I was excited to hear that they’ve got a new one coming out next week called The Errant Charm, and it’s quite a gem. I’ve listened to the album a couple times now and it’s got more of a pop feeling to it, which is probably because Vetiver frontman Andy Cabic spent a lot of time wandering around San Francisco fine tuning the album. The first single and video is for the song Wonder Why, and features random objects around New York that look like they have faces singing the song. I think everyone sees these “faces” all over the places so it’s cute that they went ahead and animted them for this video.


June 9, 2011 / By