‘Street’, Filmed by C. R. Stecyk III

'Street', Filmed by C. R. Stecyk III

'Street', Filmed by C. R. Stecyk III

'Street', Filmed by C. R. Stecyk III

The goodness from Art In The Streets doesn’t stop pouring in, it’s pretty incredible all the things they’re doing. This here is a video detailing the Street Market, which was the brainchild by Steven Powers, REAS and Barry McGee, and probably my favorite part of the show. If you’re not going to get a chance to see the show, this is probably the best way to see it. The video was shot by the famous C. R. Stecyk III, who you’d know from the Z-Boys and Dogtown scene. He’s done a really great job of documenting the space, getting all the nitty gritty details and dirty corners that you might have missed. Be sure to watch this full screen.

Directors: Andy Bruntel & Felipe Lima
DP: C. R. Stecyk III
Producers: Bret Nicely & Jett Steiger
Camera: Larkin Donley
Sound: Owen Granich-Young


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