The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Bryce Wilner

Bryce Wilner

Bryce WIlner’s name might look familiar, that’s because he won the Re-Covered Books Contest for Lord of the Flies a while back. So when, out of the blue, he wrote me with a package of wallpapers at the ready, how could I say no? Bryce is a Chicago based freelance designer/illustrator who’s work reminds me of the weirdest combo ever: Like an artsy, retro version of Virtua Fighter. If you don’t play video games you might not get that reference, but it totally makes sense.

His wallpaper was influenced by the fact that it’s getting hot as blazes in Chicago (it’s supposed to be 93º today), and thus, he’s dreaming of the beach. Makes sense to me, 93º is pretty damn hot. And if you were curious, the symbols in the top right are international maritime signal flags, and they spell out “The Fox Is Black”. Maybe I should get that tattooed?

Thanks for the awesome wallpaper Bryce!


June 8, 2011