Crowd Sourcing Your Music Video: ‘More Is Less’ By C-Mon & Kypski

C'Mon & Kypsky, More Is Less, One Frame of Fame

C'Mon & Kypsky, More Is Less, One Frame of Fame

C'Mon & Kypsky, More Is Less, One Frame of Fame

Yesterday, I caught PRI’s broadcast of The World where they were talking about Yemeni civil war, waste management in India, high acidity causing Clown Fish to go blind and deaf, and a few other news items. But the one story that caught my ear was the story about a music video that scientists at NYU are using to research face recognition for computers.

Dutch musicians C-Mon & Kypski sought out to make a new music video for their song More Is Less, tapping directors Roel Wouters and Jonathan Puckey to create it. Together, they came up with the idea for a crowd sourced music video that set forth images (frames) for people to recreate and send in. Thus, the group launched a website called One Frame of Fame that allowed users to upload photos to help them complete their video. With that, you have a truly crowd sourced video.

The video is still in production, but the idea has caught the attention of a few people, namely Google who used them as a prime example of what crowd sourcing can be. That exposure brought the video to NYU Professor Graham Taylor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, who found the video to be an integral part in helping shape algorithms for computer vision. Computer vision, as crazy as that sounds, is “a developing technology” which “aims to give eyesight to machines.” These machines are things from computers that are able to decipher faces in a crowd to the consumer level Microsoft Kinect. You can read more about the science here of the project by clicking here.

The video is pretty cool so far and the science that it is inadvertently helping is even more fascinating. Even though I’m not a huge C-Mon & Kypski fan, this definitely put them on my map and even got me excited about (potentially) putting in my own frame for fame. I mean, if it’s helping art and science, might as well…and I hope you feel the same!

Photos via One Frame of Fame


June 2, 2011