The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

I’m stoked for this weeks wallpaper, as it’s one of the boldest images I’ve featured in this project so far. It’s the work of Matt Taylor, a Brighton, England based illustrator who I’ve posted about in the past and recruited to create something. He’s got this timeless style to his work, uses a lot of bold colors and high contrast to really make his images stand out. He also says that he was influenced by Jack Kirby, which I see a bit of in his work, but in more of a contemporary way.

As for his image, it’s amazing. I love that he chose a super warm color palette and punched out the man’s skin with pure black. The tiny details in his garb in yellow and darker red are a beautiful touch, as well. If wherever you live is cold or gloomy right now, be sure to set this as your wallpaper and absorb some of the warmth.


June 1, 2011