Ryan McGinness opening party for WOMEN: THE BLACKLIGHT PAINTINGS at The Standard, Hollywood





TheĀ Ryan McGinness opening at The Standard, Hollywood for WOMEN: THE BLACKLIGHT PAINTINGS was on a whole other level. His fluorescent pieces on the walls of the Purple Lounge were absolutely incredible and when you weren’t transfixed by their psychedelic glare, there were five glowing strippers pole-dancing. I mean, nothing beats a stripper at an art opening, especially one with giant day-glow lashes and a spade tramp-stamp. Even better than all of that was experiencing McGinness’ book Aesthetic Comfort in ultra-violet light because it made the pages look completely vibrant and almost animated. Like at all of the past five openings, guests were given a free poster designed specifically for the event.

The cast of characters at the party included curators, actors, actresses, writers, directors, and wonderfully creative designers and artists – but my favorite people were a couple who met on the set of an erotic science-fiction film. They told me that their first scene together involved multiple stab wounds to the vaj, so I guess it’s only uphill from there.

McGinness will be doing his final stunt in L.A. on June 11th at Subliminal Projects from 8pm-11pm, where he won’t be exhibiting artwork, but rather a representation of all his sponsors – the size of each logo based on the corporation’s contribution.

Check out the NSFW video of the fluorsecent strippers in action, below.


June 1, 2011