Five Scents We’re Obsessed With: A Guide to Smelling Good

Five Scents We're Obsessed With: A Guide to Smelling Good

Bobby and I have recently been quite olfactory obsessed. We visit Scent Bar as often as we can and even eye items you can snatch up at a local Sephora. Smart scents are in for us and, although both of us are attracted to and retain scents differently, we both enjoy finding cool, new colognes and sharing them with people we know.

Thus, we’d like to share five (gender neutral!) scents you may or may not have heard of that you should definitely be on the lookout for!

Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens is what I like to describe as “Sexy Church” smell. It reminds me of being an altar boy as a kid, having to swing around the thurible, smelling up the church with strong incense to bless things. Unlike the church thurible, Fille en Aiguilles is not smokey but maintains a strong, woodsy tone while simultaneously being incredibly sweet. It carries notes of cinnamon and dark rum, while remaining incredibly natural in tone.

Monocle x Commes de Garcon Scent One: Hinoki is a lighter step-brother to the aforementioned scent. While Fille en Aiguilles is “Sexy Church,” Monocle’s scent is “Sexy Library”: it is similarly woodsy, but spiced in a different way. Whereas Fille en Aiguilles evoked bright reds of cinnamon, Monocle’s scent drifts toward a greener, leafier territory. Both are reminiscent of wandering through a forest, but Monocle stops to stare at a squirrel burrowing a hole into the side of a Pine tree while Fille en Aiguilles is preoccupied finding natural spices in the ground.

Philosykos by Diptyque has to be one of my all time favorite scents: it’s rich, light, woodsy, and figgy. Now, normally, I like a fig as much as the next person, but Philosykos makes me crazy for the fruits: the cologne is incredibly fig driven–but, more like a fig that has been left in the sun for the few days, nestled in fresh dirt. May not sound appealing, but it most definitely is. The cologne is very light and may be better suited for a woman, but lends an interesting hand when combined with the male essence. Another note about the fragrance: since it is so delicate, it takes a lot of reapplication to make it “stick.” I urge you to try it in person to see if it works with your chemistry, since it is such a subtle scent.

Bobby stumbled upon Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne at Steven Alan and has been obsessed ever since. As the name suggests, the cologne is a very, very citrusy summer scent that is not overpoweringly orangey but rather is the idea of orange zest combined with a stabilizing flower. Although I cannot put my finger on what the floral mark is, I can definitely point toward a Gardenia or Honeysuckle, both understated sweetnesses that play the role of the backbone in this situation. Like Philosykos, Orange Sanguine is a light little fruit romp that turns a commonly used scent item into a complicated cologne.

Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules was gifted to me recently because “[you] love figs and pepper.” And, no joke, Escentric 01 smells of heavy pepper and hints of fig! Like Fille en Aiguilles and Philosykos’ love child, Escentric 01 seems to have originated from a pepper grinder because it absolutely reeks (in a good way) of pepper. A more complete Demeter Black Pepper, Escentric 01 hints at the same Earthen lightness that Fille en Alguilles hits but to a lesser, not-cinnamon-but-light-fig degree. Escentric 01 is a captivating full scent that adapts easily to it’s wearer and definitely can fill a room with its personality.

If you know of any other cool scents, please send them our way! We love hearing about new olfactory delights that may be seasonal, hard to find, or just plain extraordinary.


June 1, 2011