‘Carl Fisher’s Roads’ by Sam Bosma

'Carl Fisher's Roads' by Sam Bosma

'Carl Fisher's Roads' by Sam Bosma

'Carl Fisher's Roads' by Sam Bosma

Wow! Picking images from Sam Bosma‘s portfolio to share on the site is tough work. The Ohio-born, Baltimore-based illustrator really has an impressive collection of work online and anyone could easily loose a substantial portion of their day simply clicking through it. The images above come from a series of five that he created for the current issue of Muse magazine for a piece about the American Entrepreneur Carl G. Fisher.

Fisher was a tireless pioneer and promoter who had a keen interest in America’s growing need for personal transportation during the first half of the 20th century. I think my favorite of Sam’s illustrations shows Carl Fisher’s unique promotion of bikes by throwing one off the roof of a building and awarding a free bike to whoever returned the wreckage back to the shop. Sam’s style is so much fun and his combination of composition, rich color pallets and a beautiful painterly style all add together to make really wonderful work. He also keeps an excellent blog which gives a great insight into his work process.


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