You Need To See Trolljegeren, AKA TROLL HUNTER

Troll Hunter, Trolljegeren, Written and Directed by André Øvredal

Troll Hunter, Trolljegeren, Written and Directed by André Øvredal

Troll Hunter, Trolljegeren, Written and Directed by André Øvredal

It is with great excitement that I am able to introduce a mildly horrific cinema item on to the site today. The item at hand is a delightful Norwegian film entitled Trolljergeren, which in English translates to Troll Hunter.

Yes, Troll Hunter, folks.

The movie is an extremely fun mockumentary, designed to creep around at dark looking for creatures via night vision goggles. The film follows a small crew of university students who are making a documentary about the Norwegian hunting scene as many bears (“bjørn”) have been found killed. After snooping around a bit, the crew is able to deduce that something else is afoot here, something suspicious and generally not right. They catch sight of a particular hunter, Hans (played by fabulous curmudgeon, Otto Jespersen), and stalk him to find out some great surprises–particularly, trolls (which translate to “trolls”).

You can guess what happens in the film, which really isn’t that groundbreaking in storytelling: mockumentaries are inherently flawed, from the rough way it is shot to the inevitable abrupt end because the cameraman/camera dies. However, what is really so fantastic about this film is its subject matter: trolls! Has there ever been another movie besides Troll & Troll 2 and Ernest Scared Stupid to discuss trolls? No! There hasn’t been! And, the ones that do exist are silly non-mythological looks at this sub-genre. What makes Troll Hunter so important is that it is a moment in (horror) film history where the troll is explained and made logistically possible, which is exactly what makes the movie so entertaining.

Moreover, the film is technically amazing. All the troll effects and animation surrounding the creatures are executed perfectly and never take you out of the movie to say, “PSSSSH: that looks fake.” Instead, the film is able to really embrace its use of night vision and darkness to make these creatures look absolutely great, something Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity did not do, but District 9 did in a more commercial way. You will not be scared by the trolls or by anything else in the film, but you will definitely have fun and be impressed with the creatures.

Troll Hunter is one film released this year that I urge you to seek out. It’s fun, it’s smart, and it will definitely be remade in America and probably introduce a whole new canon of troll horror, which I happily embrace to give us a break from zombies and vampires. You can catch the film today, on your computer, courtesy of Apple or in limited release on June 10.


PS. Please note: I recommend you only watch the above (teaser) trailer, as the other full trailers give away a bit too much plot information away. You have been warned!

May 26, 2011