‘Strawberry Shortcake’ by Tom Rubnitz

'Strawberry Shortcake' by Tom Rubnitz

'Strawberry Shortcake' by Tom Rubnitz

Tom Rubnitz shot Strawberry Shortcake in 1991, right at the end of the Cold War and the height of VHS camcorders. The Chicago born video-artist unfortunately died of AIDS when he was only in his 30’s, but he still nonetheless helped build the image of RuPaul and the East Village drag queen scene by featuring them in his shorts. No one else but Tom Rubnitz could’ve put transvestites, cheap food, and neon colors together to form artistic masterpieces that have already been viewed by 1,000,000+ individuals because of the internet. If you feel like this clip makes you want to see more of Rubnitz’s work then you’re in for a surprise…a pickle surprise.


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