Museum Aan de Stroom by Neutelngs Riedijk

Museum Aan de Stroom by Neutelngs Riedijk

Museum Aan de Stroom by Neutelngs Riedijk

This is new old news, or almost news that has been in hibernation. (Did you know that if this building were in Canada, it would still be in hibernation?) But this building, a public museum, is in Antwerp and actually about the history of Antwerp: “Visitors will discover how Antwerp and the world have been indisputably linked with one another for hundreds of years.” For the past one year, the finished building has been closed to the public while artifacts slowly migrated into the museum. And now, it’s ready to open.

I’m a huge fan of the architects, Neutelings Riedijk because their projects are distinctive but also straightforward. Well, maybe not always straightforward: they once designed a casino that looked like a pineapple. This project is not a fruit, and has a circulation path that spirals through the building, easily identifiable thanks to the corrugated glazing. If you can’t make it to Antwerp, because you’re snowed in or something, you can take a virutal tour here.


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  1. Gisèle May 23, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    I went last weekend and I was impressed and relieved to see that it doesn’t limit itself to the history of Antwerp. Each floor has its own theme that is in some way connected to the history of Antwerp but Antwerp doesn’t necessarily play a major role on each floor. The art collection, the exhibition on death and the artifacts of the pre-Columbian era alone are worth a visit.

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