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Since we have been talking about iPads and Smart Covers, I thought I would throw another good alternative for protecting your ‘Pad and other tech items. Sweedish company Unit Portables have a whole slew of things to protect all of your Apple products in a cool, compact, nesting package.

The Unit Portables System covers a few things: your main bag, your accessory bags, and your iPad tote. The main bag, which is very, very similar in design to the Chester Wallace bag, is the home base for all of your items. You can latch your accessory bags to it, slide your laptop in, maybe a few magazines, and any other items you have that are too small to be an accessory and too big to be an iPad. The accessory bags attach to the front of the main bag and are intended for all your cords, iPods, iPhones, and any other technological loose end you have. Seems pretty obvious, but marketing an area specifically for your cords and phone is pretty smart because one might actually *do* that (because, I for one, just throw my cords wherever my laptop is, which provides for a wonderful ball of tangled cords). Finally, the iPad bag is pretty great and is perfect considering it segregates your laptop from your ‘Pad, in turn protecting both. It’s very sleek and small and has handles, which may or may not be silly to tote around individually.

The Unit Portables System is a pretty great way to tie in all of your electronic children into one group, nesting them together so compactly. They don’t seem to be for sale just yet, but do keep checking in with them to see when they’re ready for buying. And, in the mean time, get acquainted with their cool, highly visual user manual!


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  1. Xaqu May 20, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    I got in contact with their sales department after seeing these bags a week or so ago, they are supposed to start shipping internationally on June 1st.

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