Space Suit of the Week

Peter Tybus Space Suit Illustration

Pete Tybus Space Suit illustration

It wasn’t my intention, but I spent this week teetering on the edge of bad taste–and I just may end the week covered in it. The week started with two buildings that look great in photos, but have both been criticized by visitors as being poorly detailed. Then I made a lame joke about the weather in Canada, only to get the cold shoulder and sassy comment from a few of our northern friends. So, I’m taking this wobbly momentum to the work week’s finish line and posting about some absolutely iffy sci-fi illustrations.

The work is by illustrator Peter Tybus, who is obscure now even though he was quite a prolific illustrator in the ’70s. I’m a huge fan of his bizarre, colorful work even while I realize that it’s not for everyone. The surge of science fiction published in the 70’s featured covers that range from thinly-veiled ladyparts to more curious illustrations like the ones above. Which isn’t to pass judgement on scantily clad sci-fi creatures, everyone’s taste is different.


May 20, 2011