‘Lindisfarne’ by James Blake

'Lindisfarne' by James Blake

'Lindisfarne' by James Blake

'Lindisfarne' by James Blake

Lindisfarne is the name of a small island off the north east coast of England, and it’s also the name of James Blake’s new music video. It was directed by one of my favorites Martin de Thurah, and is, as usual, filled with all kinds of strange beauty. You may remember that Martin also directed the video to Blake’s first single, Limit To Your Love, which was also pretty odd and magical feeling. I’m not sure what either of the videos mean, exactly, but they both are mystical but mundane, which I think is the best way to describes de Thurah’s work in general.

In the video above you see a group of young people performing some kind of ritual, though it’s entirely vague as to what it is. And in Limit To Your Love it’s almost as if Blake is performing bedroom magic. Lovely work yet again by de Thurah, hopefully he continues working with James Blake, I feel like they have such a really great chemistry together.


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  1. jeannie May 20, 2011 at 6:32 AM

    i adore james blake but i do not understand this video.

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