Breakfast Interrupted

Breakfast Interrupted, Brouton Stroube, Marlin Network,

Breakfast Interrupted, Brouton Stroube, Marlin Network,

Breakfast Interrupted, Brouton Stroube, Marlin Network,

Haven’t we all wanted to play magician and rip the tablecloth from underneath a dressed table to find everything remain intact? What about get into a sloppy, messy, absurd food fight, like a group of kids at camp in a 1990s children’s film–haven’t you wanted to do that? If not, have you ever wanted to just make a mess out of a meal and walk away from it? Well, now you can!

Well, not you, yourself..but, you can vicariously through Bruton Stroube‘s latest piece for Marlin Network! The artistic advertising group was commissioned by Marlin Network to create a promo of sorts for their annual breakfast event happening this weekend. The promotional material they made was a quick, just-over-a-minute video entitled “Breakfast Interrupted,” based on the title of the event itself. As you will see, a lovely, delectable looking breakfast gets interrupted and deconstructed in slow motion. The video looks beautiful and is a whole lot more than just watching a big breakfast get thrown around. It’s fun, it gets the point across, and it makes you want to attend Marlin Network’s event! (…which you can, if you are in Chicago this Saturday.)

Moreover, Brouton Stroube has also created a fun little behind-the-scenes video to chronicle how they splish, splashed, and crashed food together to create the promo. It’s equally as fun as the main video, but has you thinking: how messy did they have to get in order to create the video?

You can check out more behind the scenes photos and other goodies over on Bruton Stroube’s blog!


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  1. angie May 20, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    wow, great photos and video of this meal! fun to watch. :-)

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