The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ewen Stenhouse

Ewen Stenhouse

Today’s wallpaper is sort of near and dear to my heart. As a child of the 80’s I briefly remember the He-Man cartoons, but more-so I remember the action figures, and their fucked up, ‘roided out bodies. So when I got an email from Ewen Stenhouse, I started laughing immediately at how perfect this was. Ewen emailed me out of the blue a few months backs and as I browsed through his work I saw this brilliant combination of comic books and zombie films with a splash of influence from Jamie Hewlett.

As for his wallpaper, I’m sure many of you are having flashbacks right now. I love that he put a shout-out to Castle Greyskull and there’s even a tiny cameo by Battle Cat in the bottom left corner. That’s not even mentioning how weird and abstract the whole thing is. Is he in the middle of transforming from Prince Adam to He-Man? Is he becoming so powerful that he’s being ripped apart at the seams? I dunno, but it’s totally rad. Awesome job, Ewen.


May 18, 2011