Bella Sky Hotel by 3XN Architects

Bella Sky Hotel 3XN Architects, Copenhagen width=

Bella Sky Hotel 3XN Architects, Copenhagen

Bella Sky Hotel 3XN Architects, Copenhagen

Just a quick note about a rather prominent detail of the recently-opened Bella Sky Hotel in Cophenhagen: the windows. The project and its skin are designed by Danish firm 3XN. While the pattern created by the glazing is frantic, it is still a pattern. In a way (a good way) the curtain wall resembles wallpaper: it doesn’t mimic or even reference a gravity load-bearing wall, but it does have logic. For one, it is made of a series of repeating panels. Also, in each of the towers, all of the diagonals are parallel, but sloped counter to the diagonals of the other tower. 3XN has a history of diagonal windows, and this fenestration may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, but is also unabashedly contemporary. The windows turn the surface of the building into a bold graphic where most architects are timid about representation.


May 17, 2011