Rob Hodgson

'Bad Foxes in Woods' by Rob Hodgson

'Old Shed In Woods' by Rob Hodgson

'Concierge' by Rob Hodgson

There must be something in the water in Bristol that turns people into great illustrators! On Wednesday I wrote about Adam Hancher‘s work and today I have another Bristolian for you in the form of Mr. Rob Hodgson. Although originally from Torquay in the south-west of England, Rob now works as a freelance illustrator in Bristol. There’s a brashness to Rob’s style that I just love, and he’s got a great sense of color and of texture. I particularly love his drawing of ‘Three Bad Foxes’ which he says may be part of a story he’s currently writing. This would be great as his work already has terrific sense of narrative about it. I especially love how the smallest of the foxes is dressed just like Combo from the film This Is England – he must be a very bad fox indeed! If you get the chance also check out the new online shop which he just launched, it’s certainly worth a look through.


May 13, 2011