Sooyeon Lee: Grand Slam, Brought to You By Nowness

Sooyeon Lee: Grand Slam, Nowness

Sooyeon Lee: Grand Slam, Nowness

Sooyeon Lee: Grand Slam, Nowness

Table tennis is one of the hardest sports to me. You have a tiny ball and a tiny paddle and you have to hit it across a tiny net: it’s super hard! It’s a pastime for both royalty and bar patrons and, much to my chagrin, will not go out of style because it is iconic and because people will never stop buying ping pong tables to put in their basements.

In any event, Nowness has brought us a new take on table tennis in collaboration with filmmaker/photographer Matthew Donaldson and Korean tennis champ/model/actress/multi-hyphenate Sooyeon Lee. The two, along with stylist Kate Shillingford, have created a fun, quick video that imagines table tennis as an outlet for expressing style. We see Lee in Jil Sander and Versace and Mark Fast, jumping around, playing tennis with what appears to be herself. Fringe and tassels fly through the air, seemingly not distracting her from an intense game.

It’s a cool video that makes you want to dress up in your most ridiculous clothes and play a game of table tennis..even if you are awful and really don’t like the game, like myself.


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