The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ben Newman (Part 1)

Ben Newman

You can check out Ben’s other wallpaper by clicking here.

I’m so excited for today’s wallpaper by Ben Newman, his contributions have been sitting in my Wallpapers folder for far too long. I posted about Ben a little while ago, and through that I was able to get him to wallpaper. I love his style for his use of bold, geometric shapes and punchy colors. Some people have compared his work to Charley Harper, which I think is a perfect compliment for him. Ben was awesome enough to share two wallpapers for today. The first image was an expanded version of an illustration he had done that he put some more time on. The second was a print design he came up with that he thought would make a rad wallpaper, and I wholeheartedly agree.

A huge thanks to Ben for making rad art and sharing it with us.


May 11, 2011