Framed* – A Platform For New Art Forms

Framed* - A Platform For New Art Forms

Framed* - A Platform For New Art Forms

Framed* - A Platform For New Art Forms

Yugo Nakamura is an interesting guy. He’s a Japanese designer and a technology guy, who has a really great knack for combining the two together. I’ve featured him on the site before and I’m sure he’ll continue to pop up because of his clever creations. Framed* is his newest idea, which is essentially a large form, digital picture frame that’s controlled by your iPhone.

This isn’t an entirely original idea, but what makes it interesting is that he’s creating a content platform behind it. This isn’t meant to display your vacation photos, it’s meant to feature beautiful works of traditional and digital art. And the limits of this are endless, because it’s a digital display with all the bells and whistles. Framed* isn’t being sold yet, but Id’ be curious to see how much something like this would cost. If it was reasonably this could definitely start popping up in homes, restaurants and galleries around the world.

Found through Spoon and Tamago


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  1. aidan May 11, 2011 at 6:41 AM

    i’ve been wanting something like this in my home for years, glad someone’s finally working on a way to make it commercially viable. i’d estimate a list price of ~1400 for this though, the display it uses retails for around 900 and then with bells and whistles added.. probably a few years before i’ll be crossing this off my list.

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