TW Steel, The Big Watch I Never Thought I’d Love, But Did

TW Steel TW 128

TW Steel TW 128

TW Steel TW 128

I’ve said many times in the past that I’m not a fan of big watches. I prefer to own objects that are sleek and light, not bulky or garish. Then one day, I completely randomly got a big watch in the mail from a company called TW Steel, a Dutch company that I’d never heard of. Inside a box was one of the craziest, most well-made watches I’ve ever touched. It’s called the Grandeur Tech, and has a black coated steel case which feels like it could withstand the impact of a truck. But to counter balance this heft, they’ve attached a silicon rubber strap that feels almost weightless. So what it ends up feeling like is that you have this heavier weight watch firmly strapped to the top of your wrist. For being made of solid steel, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bulky watch.

I’ve been wearing the watch for a couple weeks now, so that I could get a sense of it. I wasn’t going to write about this watch if it sucked, obviously. But after two weeks I’ve really grown to love it. When I wear it I kind of feel like James Bond, like a laser could possibly shoot of the damn thing. And the all black face and strap make it totally sexy and perfect for day or night wearing. This watch isn’t for everyone though, it’s got a pretty big price tag, but what you’re paying for is quality of design and materials.

TW Steel TW 128

A huge thanks to my homie Nalden for unknowingly hooking me up with this watch. He makes me feel like a rock star. And another big thanks to the folks at TW Steel, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever received in the mail.


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  1. Hans May 9, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    nice! this is really trending right now in holland!

  2. Ed July 20, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Just picked one up in Montreal. Cool watch!

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