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The Scout Interview Andy Cruz of House Industries

Weapons of Mass Creation

Rome, featuring Dangermouse, Daniele Luppi, Jack White & Norah Jones

The Scout Interviews Andy Cruz of House Industries
The Scout took a trip to Delaware to get an interview and home tour with Andy Cruz, one of the founding designers of House Industries. It’s crazy how beautiful his house is, I personally poured over the photos looking at all of his knick knacks. He’s also got one of the most intense tiki collections I’ve ever seen before.

Weapons Of Mass Creation
20 speakers, 20 designers, 20 bands… that pretty much sums up what Weapons Of Mass Creation is all about. It’s taking place in Cleveland, Ohio on June 11th and 12th and the line-up looks damn impressive. Lots of friends and assorted rad people will be there like Aaron Draplin, Mig Reyes, Mikey Burton, Jessi Arrington, Alex Cornell, Dan Cassaro as well as some rad bands like Memoryhouse and Lower Dens. Such a great idea.

‘Rome’ by Dangermouse and Daniele Luppi, feat. Jack White and Norah Jones
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this album today. One of the best producers alive Dangermouse has teamed up with Italian producer Daniele Luppi to create Rome, a masterpiece soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped straight from the remains of classic Italian cinema. It’s a soundtrack to a movie that will never be made… y’know, until someone like Tarantino decides to make a 30 minute short movie around it or something. Time will tell.

You can listen to the entire album over on NPR by clicking here.


May 9, 2011