Otherworldly Spaces – The Photos of Kristen Lee Stokes

Kristen Lee Stokes - 'Post'

Kristen Lee Stokes - 'Back and Forth'

Kristen Lee Stokes - 'Emissions'

I love these photographs by American artist Kristen Lee Stokes. Originally from Florida but now living in Chicago, Stokes has a great eye for creating strange and foreign lands through the lens of her camera. Her work has the ability of presenting us with ethereal places and strange landscapes, and her ability to play with light, and manipulate color and scale, really seem to capture snapshots from far off worlds.

Stokes describes this as bringing “efficacy to otherworldly spaces,” and to me, her photos definitely look like places removed from our own reality. While still managing to look familiar, they evoke something foreign and ‘other,’ and her ability to mix both the familiar with the alien make for some haunting yet beautiful photographs. Take a quick look around her portfolio and you’re bound to catch a glimpse into these beautiful alternative worlds.


May 6, 2011