The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks

Dan Cassaro / Young Jerks

It seems like only recently that I came across the work of Dan Cassaro, who some of you should know as Young Jerks. His name might sound familiar as he was one of the three guys behind that Charlie Sheen wallpaper along with Richard Perez and Erik Marinovich. Or you might know him from a little side-project he started called The State Motto Project, where he asked 50 designers to create their interpretation of the mottos from every state. He also just quit his job to live in a camper and travel the U.S. with his scientist girlfriend and start freelancing again. So if you’re looking for a good designer you should hit him up.

I’ve been stoked to release Dan’s wallpaper because it’s absolutely hysterical, insane and quite possibly unusable. Utility aside, the amount of details and puns that went into this wallpaper are phenomenal. I would totally use the Jerkpixx program if my images came out looking as sweet as these do. I think most designers can agree with Dan’s to-do list as well, though the first item might be the most difficult part. A big thanks to Dan for the epic wallpaper and check back next Wednesday for more wallpaper-y goodness.


May 4, 2011