Re-Covered Books ‘Odyssey’ Winner, Ellis Latham-Brown

Ellis Latham-Brown, Re-Covered Books 'Odyssey' Winner

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It’s been a few weeks since the Re-Covered Books Odyssey contest finished, so it’s high time that we announced the winner. Yet again, there were some really great entries, and some that were a bit lacking. But I was really impressed with one design in particular, that of Seattle designer Ellis Latham-Brown.

I chose Ellis’ because I felt like it spoke to just the right audience, a kid in high school. I first read the Odyssey when I was in high school, which in my mind sounded like such an amazing adventure. And I feel like the cover that Ellis created definitely alludes to a lot of that without being too vague or overly descriptive. You’ve got the idea of Odysseus, a hero with a sword, a cyclops, looming in the horizon, the lightning bolts of Zeus and Odysseus’ home far away in the distance. The style in which he created the cover is also feels contemporary, like something you could see on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Another aspect to his winning was what he chose not to do. There were a lot of entries that really struck upon a lot of the stereotypes around a cover like this, things like oceans, boats, eyeballs and generic Grecian stuff. In my mind, that’s not really thinking outside of the box. And not to single anyone out, but please don’t ever send me a fake Penguin book cover. It’s an already overused design gimmick and you’ll never win a contest on this site by using such a tired cliché.

So for Ellis’ great work he’ll be receiving a $100 gift card thingy to as well a secret prize, limited edition Mcbess watch from the folks over at Vannen. They sent me one a while back and I’ve been wearing it a lot and getting a ton of comments on it. A big thanks to Dave at Vannen for hooking us up!

McBess Watch by Vannen

Check back next week when we announce… something. It could be a new Re-Covered project, or something new, or maybe even both? Either way, it’ll be something fun and get your creative juices going. A huge thanks to everyone who entered in the last contest, be sure to tell your friends about the next one.


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