‘Dust and Gas (Red & Yellow)’ by Brendan Monroe

'Dust and Gas (Red & Yellow)' by Brendan Monroe

'Dust and Gas (Red & Yellow)' by Brendan Monroe

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I’ve been a fan of Brendan Monroe’s for years now but I recently saw that he had a couple of new prints up on his shop. They’re called Dust and Gas, and there’s two versions, red and yellow. He created these using a dot printing method which only uses cyan, magenta and yellow, no black though. I love how these turned out, their surreal look and feel and the beauty of the tiny dots multiplying together to make these ethereal shapes. I don’t know much about screenprinting but I feel like this would be a huge pain in the ass to create.

If you’re interested in snagging one for yourself, click here.


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  1. Em May 2, 2011 at 6:52 PM

    In high school fine art I did an artist study on Brendan Monroe. Sent him a load of questions and he got back to me so promptly, super friendly guy.
    Love his older woodland illustrations/paintings, will check out his new stuff.

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