Oliver Jeffers

American Matter by Oliver Jeffers

The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers

Building by Oliver Jeffers

Last week Oliver Jeffers updated his site and it’s crammed with an unbelievable amount of work. Oliver grew up in Northern Ireland and now lives and works in New York. Here he makes art, and his bio also adds that he ‘makes drawings, a picture book or two, some lists and a few other things’. It’s a pretty understated descriptions of Jeffers’ practice, but with the variety of things that he does it’s probably the closest thing to a description that I’d be able to manage as well.

For most, Jeffers is perhaps best know as the author and illustrator of several critically acclaimed and award winning picture books for children. These include the excellent Lost and Found, and The Incredible Book Eating Boy. He’s also has had a number of art exhibitions with his work in oil painting and recently collaborated on a new product line which he runs under the name You & Me, The Royal We.

If you take a browse through his portfolio you’re bound to find a wealth of gems in there. On my last visit I discovered a series of machines from the future, as well as gaining a look inside a building that once powered the city of Belfast, and a a device that allows people to see the fourth dimension from the comfort of their own face. The world of Oliver Jeffers is certainly a strange one, but it’s a place which I’m happy to spend a lot of time.


April 29, 2011