Erwin Hauer’s Concrete Screens

Erwin Hauer Concrete Screens

Erwin Hauer Concrete Screens

Some of the most exquisite and modern uses of concrete have come from the Studio of Erwin Hauer. Hauer, an Austrian-born sculptor, began to install these light-diffusing screens in the 50’s, making the concrete forms by hand. His goal was, and is, to create “Continuity and potential infinity.” Today, his studio uses digitally-intensive processes that were adopted after a former student joined the studio. I agree with  Anne-Mette Manelius (who blogs about concrete) that Hauers work has seen a revitalization of interest (as his firm shifts toward computer development). The newer screens use concrete less, but this has enabled a thinness and plasticity that may be better suited for his work. Above and below are photos from a tour of his studio from 2007 taken by Ajmal Aqtash, a founding partner of form-ula.


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