More Concrete, New Lawnmowers

Concrete Structure by Akihisa Hirata

Concrete Structure by Akihisa Hirata

Concrete isn’t just tough, it can sometimes be surprisingly elegant.  Yesterday, we looked at sturdy monuments, and while looking for something to continue concrete into today, I came across this great little… law equipment store. Akihisa Hirata, the architect, say he “tried to create a place similar to natural environment in an artificial way. People are invited to go deep into the continuity without whole view, where they can find different spread of things in every minute.”

The store is planned on a diagonal grid, but the slices taken out of the walls, in elevation, disguise this order. I’m not sure how expensive these lawn implements must be to afford a nicer showroom than many car dealerships state-side, but one commenton the ArchDaily article simply said “only in Japan.”


April 26, 2011