To Every End There’s A New Beginning


It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Danica will be moving on from The Fox Is Black, and will no longer be writing for us. Danica is beginning to submit her PhD thesis for examination and it’s become too hard for her to juggle her job with that and and writing for the site, which totally makes sense, she’s a busy woman. I’m totally bummed to see one of my first writers leaving but I absolutely support her decision and I’m thankful for all she’s created here on The Fox Is Black. You can continue to follow Danica on her personal blog, Oh, Hello There.

Please take a moment to leave her a note in the comments, to wish her luck on becoming the master of all things Wong Kar Wei, and for filling our lives with beautiful ideas every day. In the next week or two we’ll begin looking for someone new to join the site but we’re still figuring exactly what role this new person will fill.

Thanks again, Danica.


April 25, 2011