Taisuke Koyama’s ‘Melting Rainbows’

Taisuke Koyama's Melting Rainbows

Taisuke Koyama's Melting Rainbows

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I’m in love with these crazy rainbow images by Taisuke Koyama, a Japanese artist doing some really interesting work. His series Melting Rainbows was created almost by accident:

From the last series “Rainbow Form” in 2009, which was the closed-up pictures of advertising poster with a rainbow image, I have selected about 10 pictures to create this “Melting Rainbows”. The inkjet prints of “Rainbow Form” were placed in the balcony of my room and the changing process of the surface was observed and photographed.
The series “Melting Rainbows” has about 111 pictures now.

You really need to blow these images up to get a good sense of their detail. In fact, I wish I could see these gigantic, like 10 feet tall. I love all the tiny details in the droplets of water, the way the color streaks and blends together. They kind of look like brightly colored spirits. I’m not really sure if the book collecting Melting Rainbows is available yet, but if you’re interested I’d suggest you try ordering from here.


April 22, 2011