The Bicycle Cap by peSeta for the New Museum

peSeta, The Bicycle Cap, New Museum

peSeta, The Bicycle Cap, New Museum

peSeta, The Bicycle Cap, New Museum

Like the Everynone Symmetry video posted Tuesday, some things just belong together naturally. They’re made for each other. They may serve completely different functions, but they are drawn together by something in their nature. Example: a bicycle and a sewing machine. They seem like two completely different things, but are bound together by symmetry: they spin, they connect, and they are human accessories.

What if we take the idea of symmetry and push it one step forward to have symmetrical items creating?

Well, no one has ever really thought of that…except for the brilliant fashion/art/lifestyle brand, peSeta. Working with The New Museum, the Madrid based company noticed a bicycle and a sewing machine having a little bit of a love affair and wondered what the two would create, if given the opportunity. The creation? A bicycle cap!

The above video is a totally adorable, cute, even silly bite-sized documentary chronicling the genesis and process involved in creating the hats. It makes you love your bike even more and makes you covet–maybe even slobber–over these “NEW” hats. I watched the video giggling with happiness over how excited they were for the project and over how dang creative they are: the idea is brilliant, the process is brilliant, and they are just so dang brilliantly cute, with their Spain-Spanish accents.

I don’t know about you, but I would die if I could have one of those hats. Here’s hoping I make it to NYC in time to snag one from TNM…or, that I, too, can make my bike and a sewing machine fall in love!


April 21, 2011