Electrolux Pop-Up Restaurant

Electrolux Pop-Up Restaurant

Electrolux Pop-Up Restaurant

I tend not to be the biggest fan of blatantly branded architecture projects, but there are times when I’m willing to pretend the logo on the wall is just a portrait of someone’s favorite shapes. Besides, architecture is almost inherently a branding tool used by cities, museums, universities, corporations, et cetera. Why not a company that makes vacuum cleaners? Such is the preface for telling you about this Electrolux pop-up restaurant. One thing I particular like about the project is the project’s contrast to the older structures it will perch ontop of as it migrates around Europe like an aluminum pterodactyl. Initially in Brussels, the project will land somewhere in Italy, Switzerland, Sweeden and Russia before it goes extinct.


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  1. Brian M April 18, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Aluminum Pterodactyl

    new band name,
    I call it.

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