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Sunday Reading - April, 14, 2011

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I’ve had a few people ask me for recommendations on magazines I like or asking what I’m reading lately. So I felt motivated this morning and decided to share what I’m reading, the entire messy pile that I’m not sure that I’ll ever get through. But it’s a nice glimpse of what’s filling my head currently. From top to bottom, here’s the list:

The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway
I randomly bought some vintage copies of Ernest Hemingway’s books, about 6 or 7 in total, while I was visiting home last X-mas. This is the first I’ve decided to take a crack at. So far, so good. I bought this 95% for it’s cover.

The New Typography by Jan Tschichold
My buddy Ryan Snelson let me borrow this and I’ve been slowly, really slowly, making my way through it. Jan Tschichold published it back in 1928 as a way of creating a practical set of guidelines for designers regarding typography and printed materials. Or at least that’s what I’ve gotten from it so far. It’s a pretty heavy reading experience and I’m probably not doing it justice with my description.

Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design by Khoi Vinh
As most of my design work centers around web design, it’s always great to read about the basics from someone who really nows what they’re talking about. Khoi Vinh’s book goes into the details of creating web pages based on a strong grid structure. Instead of feeling constrained Vinh gives you a ton of ideas how to make the grid work for you. This is great for anyone looking to get into web design.

Graphics Alive 2 by viction:ary
It’s always good to stay up-to-date with burgeoning artists, and the folks at viction:ary often know who’s up-and-coming before anyone else. So I’m sure to snag their books quite often. Graphics Alive 2 gives a great overview of graphics applied to every surface and object imaginable.

Carson Magazine
I got a preview copy of the new Carson Magazine, visuals by famed designer David Carson and backed up by an amazing group of writers and creatives making the words. David Carson is still designing in his own, distinct style with little regard to content, but the content itself is actually really good, like Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing talking about doing drugs or Mary Roach talking about the proper type of people for space travel. Really looking forward to the next issue.

I honestly haven’t bought a copy of Juxtapoz for years now, but my old friend Garrett used to buy them all the time when we were 19 or so. It’s a solid magazine but I sometimes feel they retread the a lot of the same stuff over and over. That said it’s also got a lot of new content and artists that I’ve never heard of, so it helps me find more interesting people to write about.

This is one of my favorite magazines, and if you read this blog regularly should know how big a fan I am. It’s not perfect, and oftentimes the editorial staff can be contradictory or downright snobs, but they 95% of the time they’re creating content like no one else. I’ll admit it though, I only usually start reading at the Culture section and make my way from there.

Nylon Guys
No one really makes a magazine like Nylon Guys, they sort of fill a niche that no one else provides. Lots of clothing coverage by brands you’ve never heard of, discovery of a lot of bands I’ve never heard of and their interviews are usually pretty interesting. The May issue has a nice interview with Benedikt Taschen, founder of Taschen books and the guy who lives in the Chemosphere.

Just about the only men’s magazine I read, I’m sure a good chunk of you already read it. It can be a bit on the “bro” side every now and then, but that’s really my only complaint. At least they aren’t awkwardly gay feeling like Details can be. They’ve got some great style coverage, I love when they write about food and they’re long articles can be absolutely enthralling. The newest issue has a pretty hysterical Lady Gaga paper doll on the last page, paper meat dress and all.

It’s Nice That #5
The guys over at It’s Nice That are totally killing it with their bi-monthly magazine. They’re on issue 5 now which is an achievement all on it’s own. Instead of simply rehashing the content of their site, they’re using the magazine to expand and explore topics they have have previously explored. The current issue has a great feature and interview with Erwin Wurm which I really enjoyed.

If you read this site and have never read Dwell magazine… then I don’t know, you must live in Antarctica or something. I’ve been reading Dwell basically since it started and it’s never failed to entertain me. It’s really got something for everyone, whether you like architecture or product design or inspiring articles about people finding their true home. Their newest issue is a special photo issue, I especially enjoyed the food/serving ware section toward the end, it all looked delicious.

This is another magazine I haven’t picked up in a while, but since it was it’s 30 year anniversary (holy shit) I figured I should. They do a great job of summing up where they were right and wrong over the last 30 years as well as going over some of the biggest ideas of the last 30 years. It was also exciting to see a few familiar faces in the magazine as well, both Friends of Type and Gavin Potenza.

Ok, so I felt like I needed to stop buying just architecture magazines, so I decided to get a lot more art/illustration/design based magazines, just like IdN. Like some of the others, I haven’t picked up an IdN in years, but I really like the idea for the newest issue, which is Graphics With Dimension. Lots of great content like the feature on the This Is It collective. I still think it’s weird that issue comes with a DVD… isn’t it 2011? Where’s my digital download or iPad edition?

Paul Rand by Steven Heller
I’ll be honest, I knew little to nothing about Paul Rand. I had a vague idea of who he was, sure, but that’s about it. So I decided to change that and grabbed a copy of Steven Heller’s detailed look at Paul Rand’s life and work. Haven’t had a chance to fully invest myself in it but the picture’s are pretty. Looking forward to giving it the proper attention that it deserves.


April 17, 2011