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Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama

If there’s one artist I’ve learned to love over the past couple years, it has to be Yayoi Kusama. I first head of Yayoi from the Marc Jacobs Louis Vuoitton documentary, where he meets up with her while he’s in Japan. Seeing her dottiness was odd to me, but after some research into who she is, her long journey into the field of art, and all that she’s done, I’m just as in love with her as Marc was. If you’re not familiar with her work then you should definitely watch the video above, which was taken from the BBC special, Japanorama. It’s a great look at her life and career in 5 minutes, which should be enough to get you interested in who she is. If you already know who she is then you’re sure to enjoy this brief glimpse into her amazing life.

It’s pretty phenomenal that’s she moved to the United States way back in the 50’s and has been making art since then. She hung out with Andy Warhol, created lots of nude Happenings and also has the record for the highest selling work of art by a living female artist. Totally an inspiration.


April 14, 2011