Postcards from Google Earth, Bridges

Clement Valla melted bridge

Clement Valla melted bridge

Clement Valla melted bridge

Clement Valla took screenshots of these sagging spans in Google Earth. They is no photoshop trickery, just what happens when satellite images are projected onto topographic terrain. Instead of arching over a valley or a roadway, the bridges in his series conform to the surfaces that they span over in the real world. But in these virtual constructions, the shadows in the satellite imagery further warp and obscure the reality of these bridges. According to Valla’s artist’s statement: “inherent contradictions and absurd situations result from the very structure of the system itself, producing unfamiliar artifacts and juxtapositions.”

And they look like spaghetti.

Valla worked in Architecture and design before returning to school to study art. Specifically, he studied what he calls “the intersection of art and computer programming.” He now teaches at RISD and lives/works in Brooklyn. You may have seen his video where 500 individuals traced a line or circle after each other.


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