Part & Parcel and Mike Perry Studio Get Animated for Kate Spade

Part & Parcel for Kate Spade

Mike Perry Studio for Kate Spade

Recently Kate Spade, maker of handbags, clothing and all things lady-like, will be collaborating with different artists and designers each month of 2011 to create short films based on a color. So far they’ve gotten two of my favorite artists to create shorts – the gents from Part & Parcel and Mike Perry Studio. I’ve worked with these guys before here on the site and it’s great to see that the Kate Spade people let them go nuts and do what they do best, create awesome stuff.

It totally feels like Part & Parcel had way too much fun creating their video. All kinds of stop-motion goodness went into their video. As with every time I see their work, I try to stop and imagine just how long it took them to make, animate and edit everything into a finished product. Nonetheless it looks beautiful, so it’s obviously worth it. As Mike’s short I think it’s so rad to finally see Mike’s work animated. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it animated before, but it looks really nice.


April 7, 2011