FontFace by Antipo

FontFace by Antipo

FontFace by Antipo

FontFace by Antipo

It’s always funny to me how people have so much pride for fonts, this coming from a person who “understands” good fonts but doesn’t entirely get why people go completely batshit insane about them. I understand why Comic Sans and Felt Tip fonts are disgusting, but still am trying to distinguish Arial from Helvetica (at points). The nerdy fanaticism behind it is admittedly funny, which I think was made most apparent when those cute bearded guys did that Neutra Face song.

In any event, I stumbled upon another font fanaticism propaganda video: FontFace by Atipo. The quick video is a fun little make-up exercise, where models’ faces are painted with different characters…to become characters themselves! Like modern, less annoying mimes, the women are transformed into these beautiful visual odes to design. The video captures the process of them getting painted, wearing them, and their eventual decay, where the fonts melt into new and different styles that have yet to be created for MS Word.

The paintings were done by Atipo, a Spanish design studio, who were did them as a part of a series “that joins the expression of gesture and text to create a collection of posters in honour of four outstanding types designers.” The posters can be seen above and are actually quite great, since you don’t get to see what they are for in the video. The concept and execution of them are fantastic and makes me want to be a Helvetica ampersand for Halloween.


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  1. mza April 8, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    Okay, I like the concept and whatnot.. but..
    they just created the design nerd juggalo.

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